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Creation of the Foundation was aimed to promote professional art in its various genres: theater, painting, music. By uniting both professionals and the growing generation of different countries alike, the Foundation aspires to organize and conduct vivid cultural events - both in Russia and abroad, thereby forming a spiritual perception of art and the desire for self-improvement in younger generation.




One of the principal activities of the foundation is to organize international Music competitions and festivals in Russia, as well as to facilitate cultural exchange programs, the participation of Russian young musicians in the festivals, master-classes, concerts and competitions abroad.

Fine arts

The foundation organizes art exhibitions and takes part in a variety of projects, jointly with Russian and international artists, craftsmen and galleries.


One of the important missions of our foundation is to promote children’s theatre groups where the young actors can experience all aspects of performance. We offer them support on staging performances, facilitate their participation in theatre festivals acting outside their home base and plan to organize master-classes by renowned professional actors.

Our plans for future projects

Our plans for future projects

  • JUNE 2017
  • OCTOBER 2017
  • JANUARY 2017
The International Musical Competition of Young Performers 'Vyatskoe' will be held in the Yaroslavl region in the period from June 1st to June 20th, in the historical and cultural complex 'Vyatskoe'. The project aims to unite the professionals, musicians from different countries, the well-known concert performers and teachers as well as pupils and students, that stand in the beginning of their professional career. IMC ‘Vyatskoye’
October 25th to October 29th, Moscow, International Children's Music Festival KLAVIRTIN. Nominations are pianoforte, duets, chamber ensembles. The goal is to identify and support creatively gifted children. The brightest contestants will take part in the final gala concert. All participants of the festival will be awarded with Honorary Certificates. For the brightest performers, three grand prix KLAVIRTIN are provided - one for each of the nominations.
January 3rd to January 13th, Sochi. The Theatrical Art Academy of Maria Alexandrova provides a unique opportunity for all the participants to improve their professionalism. 10 days of intensive training with well-known masters of choreographic and theatrical art allow you to gain knowledge and experience on the international level without going abroad. The Academy is an excellent opportunity for performing creative exchange between countries. 'Meetings



«The high level of the I International Music Competition "Vyatskoe" is also witnessed by the jury, which includes the real professionals. All of them are not only competent in music issues, but also thoroughly understand children's creativity, they are able to work and get along with the young participants.»

Vladimir Medinsky, Minister of culture of the Russian Federation (March 2017)

«The historical and cultural complex "Vyatskoe" is a real gem of the Russian province, with its reconstructed monuments of architecture and a complex of residential buildings. Here you can see an example of the Russian village, as it was in the XIX - early XX century. Therefore, it is especially valuable that the International Competition will be held here, thus attracting the attention not only of Russian tourists, but also of the citizens of the other countries.».

Dmitry Mironov, the head of the Yaroslavl region (March 2017)

“The musical and literary theater of the young actor "Bird Gamayun" by the very fact of its establishing and by the premiere of an incredible space performance about the Earth and the Comet aims not to burden a child, but to ease his or her tension, to direct the child to the atmosphere that is natural for his age. And this is done at a very high quality level.”

“MK” (may 2015)

“It would seem, what kind of artistic revelations can a relatively small island state in the Indian Ocean, which beauty is already known at least by tourist booklets show the world? However, oddly enough, almost a new artistic school is born there, with its own style and laws. The Ministry of Culture of the Seychelles selected 69 works by 13 original local artists and designers for the Moscow exposition, that will make you as if immersed in peace, contemplation and tranquility of those hot landscapes that speak to the viewer in their secret language.”

Litcult (July 2014)